Community Development

Community development is possible because of the leaders who live and work in the community. Each project is assessed and selected by a group of community leaders in order to enrich the lives of those who live in the community and grow the capacity for opportunities there.

Community Outreach

Community outreach projects are designed to serve the community in ways that often get overlooked. One of the ways we currently invest in Beloc, Haiti is through offering prayer, encouragement, and basic necessities to widowed, elderly, and sick members of the community.

Community Projects

In order to invest in the community and help it grow, we invest in various projects on an as needed basis, as determined by our community leaders and board of directors.


Previous projects have included:

  • Digging and maintaining a water well in the Beloc community

  • Building homes for those in the community who lost their homes to natural disasters

  • Community health assessments and clinics


Projects we are working towards include:

  • A community center which can host business training, after school programs for children, a clinic, and pharmacy and more. Along with its many uses throughout the week, each Sunday, the community center will provide a place of worship for local families.

  • A paved road that connects the communties of Beloc and Tombe Gateau making schools, the market, and medical care more accessible.

Looking to partner long-term? Become a community advocate. Community advocates are individuals and groups who are committed to partnering with a community long-term through monthly donations. These funds are allocated directly to community development projects and are instrumental in the growth of the communities we serve. To donate to a specific community, please include its name in the donation description.