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Community Development

Community development is possible because of the leaders who live and work in the community. Each project is assessed and selected by a group of community leaders in order to enrich the lives of those who live in the community and grow the capacity for opportunities there.

Community Care Program

The Community Care Program is designed to serve the community in ways that often get overlooked. One of the ways we currently invest in the community is through offering prayer, encouragement, and basic necessities to widowed, elderly, and sick members of the community. Find out more about this program here.

Community Projects

In order to invest in the community and help it grow, we invest in various projects on an as needed basis, as determined by our community leaders and board of directors.


Previous and ongoing projects include:

  • Building and maintaining water wells in the Beloc and Camatin communities

  • Building homes and repairing roofs for those in the community whose homes were lost or damaged due to natural disasters

  • Sending a Haitian Disaster Relief and Medical Team to places affected by recent earthquakes and tropical storms


The current projects we are working towards include:

  • An internet cafe which can host business training, small business start ups, computer skills training, after school programs, and more.

  • A paved road in the community

Community Health

Under the supervision of our Medical Director, Dr. Hantz Benjamin Dumond, students in our Nursing School Sponsorship Program give back to SEED by serving in a community for a year after graduation. This enables the student to get valuable experience and the community receive ongoing medical care including Community health assessments and mobile clinics.

One of our goals is to have a clinic and pharmacy in the community so that community members can receive necessary medical attention without having to travel to a larger city.

Looking to partner long-term? Join the SEED Collective! The SEED Collective is a group of people with hearts for Haiti who are committed to the long-term impact of SEED International through monthly support.
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