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Get involved and start growing together.

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We believe we were created to live in community, help and encourage one another, and share our knowledge and resources with each other. Learn how you can get involved with our work at Seed International today!

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Ways to Get Involved

Because we are focused on long-term partnerships, it takes a long time to see our “seeds” produce fruit. Sustainability is focused on long-term, generational impact just like cultivating seeds and plants for generations can produce trees that can provide for families for years to come. When you get involved with Seed International, you are supporting and playing a role in long-term impact for the individuals in our communities. We believe in the cycle of giving and receiving. As we reap the benefits of our investment, we share our gifts with others, ensuring that the generosity of those who have invested in us is passed on to benefit more lives.

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Visit the Seed Coffee Co. coffeehouse in Knoxville, TN.

In 2023, we opened a coffeehouse in Knoxville, TN that tells the stories of coffee producers and ethical business partners to help our customers connect the products they purchase to the people who produce it. A portion of profits are donated back to our work at Seed International.

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Join our monthly giving program, the Seed Collective.

The Seed Collective is a community of people with hearts for Haiti and beyond. By supporting financially on a monthly basis, you make this work possible while finding community with like-minded people. Each member is included on Seed Collective newsletters, a Facebook group, and Collective meetups where the community gathers to meet other members in their area.

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Join the Seed Book Club. 
*Coming Soon!*

Join us as we read books about relevant topics such as the When Helping Hurts, From Aid to Trade, and more. The Seed Book Club exists to walk through nuanced topics alongside our community to understand how we can best partner with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Join the Seed Book Club Today


Together, we grow.

Matthew 13:18-23

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