About Us

Our Mission

SEED International works in rural areas of developing nations where access to resources is limited. We aim to empower and equip individuals and communities by partnering with them in education, entrepreneurship, and development projects.

Our Values


We thrive when we work together. Whether at home or abroad, we aim to foster relationships with those we work with. Our differences may us stronger.


We know true change doesn’t happen overnight. Each of our programs is designed to be sustainable, an investment for generations to come.


We believe each person should be treated with honor and respect and recognize each person has been given unique gifts, qualities, and purpose by God.


Nothing we do means anything without Christ. He makes all things come together. Whether living in need or abundance, He is our hope and our reward.

Our Model

Our model is centered around the idea that business is the only sustainable way to fight poverty. We believe God is most honored by us when we honor each other. This idea drives us to value collaboration over charity and empowerment over handouts. We work alongside members of specific communities on projects that they have identified, and we partner with them to accomplish these shared goals.

Our Team

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Morgan Benson

Morgan is the dreamer behind and director of SEED International, Inc. Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Liberty University, a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Carson-Newman University. Morgan also completed the Executive Nonprofit Management Certification at Duke University. It is her personal mission to use business as a catalyst for social and economic change in developing nations. She has been working in Haiti for 10+ years and is passionate about empowering local leaders through education and business training.


Samuel Dumond

Samuel serves as our In-Country Director. He is also husband to our Medical Director, Shirley and father to their daughter, Amanda. He is the backbone and heart of SEED. From a very young age, he has always had a passion for helping his neighbors. He is our feet and eyes on the ground, communicating between our US and Haitian leaders. His entrepreneurial personality helps to inspire and implement the goals of the communities we serve. His heart for the community is what inspired SEED's Community Care Program. Samuel has a deep love for people and sharing the love of Christ. His joy is contagious to everyone he meets. He is an invaluable asset to our team.


Beverly Linkous

Beverly currently serves the Director of Operations for SEED International, Inc. She is CPA by trade but has also been involved in various aspects of business. She loves coaching small business owners on managing their businesses along with a healthy work life balance. She utilized her skills and background to help develop SEED's small business training program. She has a passion for SEED's Community Care Program and a heart for those who can sometimes be overlooked. Her experience in business combined with her compassion for others makes her a blessing to those she works with both on the SEED team and in the community.

Dr. Hantz Benjamin Dumond

Dr. Dumond, "Shirley", is joining the SEED team in 2022 as our Medical Director. She is also wife to our In-Country Director, Samuel. Together, they have a tremendous heart for serving their community. They also have a beautiful little girl, Amanda. After completing her doctoral program at Universidad Eugenio María de Hostos - Uniremhos in the Dominican Republic, Shirley will be overseeing SEED's Nursing School Sponsorship Program and Community Health Program. Her passion for medicine and for people is very evident. She has worked hard to earn her degree and we are so proud to welcome her onto her team.