About Us

Our Mission

SEED International works in rural areas of developing nations where access to resources is limited. We aim to empower and equip individuals and communities by partnering with them in education, entrepreneurship, and development projects.

Our Values

Our Team


We believe each person should be treated with honor and respect and recognize each person has been given unique gifts, qualities, and purpose by God.


We thrive when we work together. Whether at home or abroad, we aim to foster relationships with those we work with. Our differences may us stronger.


We know true change doesn’t happen overnight. Each of our programs is designed to be sustainable, an investment for generations to come.


Nothing we do means anything without Christ. He makes all things come together. Whether living in need or abundance, He is our hope and our reward.


Morgan Parker is the dreamer behind and director of SEED International, Inc. Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Liberty University, a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Carson-Newman University. Morgan also completed the Executive Nonprofit Management Certification at Duke University. It is her personal mission to use business as a catalyst for social and economic change in developing nations. Morgan encourages individuals and businesses in the U.S. to connect their knowledge and skills to causes they care about.


Beverly Linkous currently serves the Director of Operations for SEED International, Inc. She is CPA by trade but has had the opportunity to be involved directly and indirectly with many small business startups and small business coaching. Her passion is people. She loves to find ways to encourage people to be the best version of themselves. She loves coaching small business owners on managing their businesses along with a healthy work life balance. She utilized her skills and background to develop a small business training program for SEED. Her experience in business combined with her passion for people have made her a invaluable asset to the SEED team and a blessing to those we serve in the Beloc community.


Andrea Spidell serves as the Communications Director for SEED International, Inc. and is the girl behind the camera for the photos on SEED’s website and social media platforms. Andrea has experience in visual storytelling with nonprofits and businesses locally and globally, it is through these experiences her that passion for photojournalism has grown.

Andrea remembers being impacted at a young age by humanitarian photography. Her heart is to impact others in the same way by accurately, honestly, and respectfully depicting the unique stories of her local and international neighbors. She is a firm believer that pictures are better with people in them, and views her gift of photography as a valuable tool to bring dignity to her subjects. She consistently seeks the heart of people, sees their beauty, and empowers them by capturing their souls in photographs.


More about Samuel coming soon!

Our Model

Our model is centered around the idea that business is the only sustainable way to fight poverty. We believe God is most honored by us when we honor each other. This idea drives us to value collaboration over charity and empowerment over handouts. We work alongside members of specific communities on projects that they have identified, and we partner with them to accomplish these shared goals.