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Entrepreneurship enriches lives of individuals by equipping them with the tools they need to start and manage their own business. Business, in turn, has the power to restore dignity to individuals, keep families together, and change communities for the better.

Business Training

The goal of our Small Business Training Program is to equip members of the community to develop a business plan and start a new business and to support growth and sustainability of their business.

Introducing Appran Avem Training App:

In partnership with MoveUp, we have developed an educational app designed to holistically train students in business management skills, savings, budgeting, personal health, faith, and conflict resolution techniques.

Support the Platform

by donating to the Business Training Fund.

Apply the Platform to your own Organization

Use this app to train your own community in several languages by reaching out to 

Job Creation

We work with communities to determine viable business ideas using their natural resources and talents. Through our business training, coaching, and skills training, these ideas are refined and tested until they are ready for the market. Our community development projects also contribute to job creation opportunities, bringing together a need in a community with a sustainable remedy.

Your support could help an entrepreneur fulfill their dream of owning a successful business and providing sustainable income for their family. Thus empowering them to equip their children for future success and to support their community through economic growth.
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