Education is the starting point for any type of growth and development. It establishes a foundation to build on so that people can provide for their immediate needs and invest in their family’s future.

Education Support

We partner with local schools to empower teachers, students, and parents in order to keep students in school and provide an education that can serve as the foundation for future learning and growth.

Higher Education Sponsorships

We offer educational sponsorships to provide funding for students to pursue academic and professional development. Through partnerships with secondary schools in the area, we provide scholarships to highly motivated secondary school graduates.

Currently we partner with a local nursing school and Midwives for Haiti to offer students a four-year accredited BSN degree and one-year of midwifery training.

Through this program, students can build on their education in order to secure employment opportunities in desired fields as well as reinvest their knowledge and skills back in to their community.

We believe education is the first step towards building sustainable communities. Your sponsorship could provide a student with the opportunity to further their education and work towards a career ultimately empowering them to invest in themselves, their families, and their community.